The thick misty air swept across the mountainous surface of the “alien” planet, blinding the sight of the shine of the crystal like rocks. Like a ice poll melting in the sun just waiting to be gobbled up. The shadow  of the ships was frightening in itself, and every second under there was like you […]

As you already know I am getting old so as a result of that, I wish to divide my most valuable treasures. But to win it ,you will have to present a presentation about how much you love me. First place will a get ten million pound prize, second place will win a five million […]

 Shakespeare married Mary Arden, the daughter of Robert Arden, a farmer from the nearby village of Wilmmcote. In 1556 John bought the main part of the house in Henley Street which is now known as the ‘Birthplace’ and their family, including William, grew up there (see photo). John’s principal business was that of a glover, […]

King Lear: As you three already know, I am getting old, so as a result of that I will be giving you prizes. But it is not as simple as that, you see you will have to present a speech or presentation to me tomorrow. Whoever has the best one will win the best prize

SHAKESPERE PRESENTS KING LEARS DAUGHTERS LOVE IN A SENSE THAT IT IS OVER DRAMATIC. Let me introduce you to each of our characters, lets start of with king Lear. King Lear is obviously a king because of the king in KING Lear. He is an normal man except that he is a king, he has three daughters […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway